I have a stalker......  My cat Varuca.  A couple months ago I was running out of her "pee pills".  That's what I call her anti anxiety pills: Amitriptyline/Elavil 10 mg.  The bottle reads: "GIVE 1 TABLET EVERY 12 HOURS".  What a pain!  Trying to get that pill in that cat for the first 6 months of having them prescribed was a nightmare.  I was told by the vet to put the pill in these treats that are specially made for hiding pills.  They don't work.  The packaging even shows the cat spitting out some nasty green mess, the manufacturer knows it doesn't work either....  I'd find the chalky blue pills I'd thought she'd swallowed in a corner or under the table.  I have perfected my technique since then but I have to do it in stages.  The sound of the pill bottle has conditioned her to run and hide in hard to reach places.  

So now, I take the pill out well before I'm ready to tackle the task of giving it.  This caused a bit of a panic in the beginning of the Stage Method as I'd taken the pill out and had left it on the counter and then went out to get groceries one weekend.  I came rushing back all worried that F would think it was candy and eat it.  What a relief, it was right where I'd left it.  When I asked F if he'd thought about eating it he gave me a weird/disgusted look and said "why would I want to eat Varuca's pill?"  I forgot, he pays attention.  

The vet will only supply a one month supply.  Why??  Is this so I don't sell them on the streets?  I hate going there.  They all know the back story, you can find it here.  I endure the smirks.  One woman is particularly annoying about it, she doesn't hide her amusement, it's getting old.

So, when the pills ran out yet again, instead of another trip to the vet I decided I'd try and see what would happen if I stopped them.....  She woke up enthusiastically from her drug induced haze.  We love her like this, she has a personality again, she isn't obsessed with her next bowl of food.  I also noticed something a little strange going on though.  She seemed to have quite the crush on me.  It's also possible she was watching my every move, wondering if I'm bringing out that little blue pill again.  When I make dinner she watches me from the barstool at the island.  She waits patiently for me outside the bathroom door if she's not scratching to get in.  I trip over her in the morning when I get up because she sleeps outside my bedroom door.  I fold laundry, she watches....  I watch TV, she watches me....

Things have been  great for about two months so when she jumped into the laundry basket last week and peed on the clothes I gave her a free pass, my fault for leaving it out.  But, last night F wasn't feeling well and had his blanket on the couch, Varuca took this as an open invitation to pee on it as she doesn't get access to our bedding any more.  I gave her a pill last night and have two left, looks like I'll be making that trip to the vet after all....


02/03/2013 1:05pm

Vets only give you a month worth of pills because you're the cash cow! So am I. Lacey's vet won't give me more than 30 pills at a time, even though she's been taking them for 4 years!

03/13/2013 6:09am

Cats are territorial animals basically. They mark their territory. This is the reason why cats are considered house their personal kingdom. They are reluctant to leave, even when the family is moving with them.

10/21/2013 10:39pm

This caused a bit of a panic in the beginning of the Stage Method as I'd taken the pill out and had left it on the counter and then went out to get groceries one weekend.


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