Oscar the Whoodle enjoys Christmas
It is the day after Christmas (also known as Boxing Day) when you start to experience the Christmas Crash.  After six weeks of intense shopping for the perfect gifts, wrapping those perfect gifts, decorating, baking terrible desserts (yes the Christmas Eve dessert was a bomb, there may have been eggshells involved), cooking, etc. etc.,  you realize that it has all come to a crashing halt and it only took a few hours for it to be all over.  All that planning and anticipation and suddenly it is over!  So why do we do it?  

Well for me it is really all about the kids.  It's my fault really, I've turned them into Christmas loving fanatics and they are terribly disappointed if all of our Christmas traditions are not observed.  Also, it feels pretty good when your Mother-in-Law calls to thank you for hosting the perfect Christmas dinner.  Yes! Mission accomplished!  

Last year we went away for Christmas to a lovely, warm location.  It was incredibly relaxing and stress free.  No gifts, no decorating, no cooking, no baking.  I did love the break from the traditional craziness that surrounds Christmas.   I don't know, what looks more relaxing???

                                      LAST YEAR                                      VS                                   THIS YEAR

The kids had a great time during our vacation last year and they would love to go again but they love to spend Christmas at home and a small part of me does too.  But secretly my favourite part of it all is Boxing Day when I get to sit around drinking coffee from our new Keurig (thanks Sister Ugly!) in new jammies and new slippers reading books and magazines and planning next Christmas.  But today is a new day and I must start getting ready for New Year's Eve!  First things first, the floors must be washed, I keep stepping in a big sticky spot that I can only guess is the Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert from Christmas Dinner.

05/17/2013 3:44am

For Christmas is a need to work hard in the decoration of the home.

10/07/2013 11:17am

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Christmas comes with special moments and freedom to enjoy these moments for making them memorable. Here is the Christmas crash which is also filled with great memories.


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