After my favourite day of the year is over I start thinking about heading back to the stores to exchange things (ugh).  After hearing that people were calling 911 because they couldn't get out of the parking lots at the malls,  I was really looking forward to it!  Everyone except for A had things to return and A was very happy to be left home alone to try out his new Xbox games, so off we went.  The parking lot was fun!  People were angry and we even witnessed yelling over allegedly stolen parking spots.  Eventually we stalked a man who was walking through the lot with his keys in his hand and scored a spot.

We started making our returns and exchanges and  this is when I decided that buying any gifts before Christmas is a complete rip-off.  I exchanged my new boots for a different size.  By the time the one pair was returned and the 2nd pair was purchased we had saved $80!  Then I braved Aritzia as a favour for Sister Ugly.  She owes me big for this!  The store was insane and the lines were long.  But I'm an awesome sister so I stood in the line to exchange something she had bought for a larger size.  I purchased the exact same item in a different size and ended up with a $53 credit for her!  The next day I discovered that pretty much every electronic game and gadget I had purchased at Future Shop was now on sale.  I also discovered that they do price adjustments.  I took my receipt back to the return counter and walked away with a $143 refund.

So, I have a plan.  Next year I am going to buy all the presents and wrap them up so the kids have something to open on Christmas morning but they aren't allowed to use any of it.  Then on the day after Boxing Day we're going to fight people for parking spots so we can exchange everything for different colours and sizes and get half my money back.


09/05/2013 4:41pm

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